Chaka Camp

As our original and flagship camp, Chaka has learned from its surroundings and discovered a way to exist harmoniously within it. The camp moves seasonally to keep near the Great Migration and therefore remains surrounded by life. Guests have the opportunity to safely enjoy watching their mammalian neighbors graze the grounds and trees wrapped around the tent's boundaries.

From December to April, the camp is located in Ndutu, moving northward to Kogatende from May to December. While its construction is mobile, Chaka offers modern comforts with luxurious accents. Both camps remain within a 30-minute drive of an airstrip.

Travel at Chaka

The wilderness of Tanzania is full of families and is a natural destination for explorers travelling as a family. It is a place to witness in reality the animals and scenes that paint a child's imagination from early storybooks and dreams, and most importantly a place to witness these wonders together.

The safari lifestyle offers a sort of gentle roughness. The barriers between visitors and the wild are thin (albeit secure), conjuring that special sense of excitement that belongs to adventure. A family adventure is primed to become one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime, and Chaka is equipped to keep its families safe and satisfied.

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