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It's important that your guide is dedicated to photography and understands the technical aspects of taking a good wildlife photo. Vehicle positioning, for instance, is essential as it ensures the best angle for you and your camera in any given situation. The guide also needs to be committed to waking up early and staying out late in order to maximise times for great light and movement of wildlife. It's also essential that the safari vehicle has sufficient space, as operating bulky equipment in a car full of other guests can get awkward. Private guided safaris ensure that all these matters are taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying the creative aspects of your trip. On photographic safaris, destinations are chosen with photography in mind and your itinerary will consider all the best times to be out and enjoying the wilderness. Photographic camps have the necessary editing, charging and storage facilities for your photos so you need not worry about bringing laptops, extra batteries and other bulky and expensive equipment.

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With Expect in Africa Safari, there’s no third party between you and the local experts. YOU pick your travel package. YOU have full control of your costs and WE give you peace of mind that there are no hidden fees or charges.

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Does Not Get Better Than This
Does Not Get Better Than This We were looking for a safari experience with just my wife and I. As a photographer I did not want to be in a vehicle with lots of people as I do not like to rush from place to place.… Read More
Come a tourist, leave a friend.
Come a tourist, leave a friend. Our once in a lifetime trip with our 4 adult children could not have been better. From the time we started organising it with Lawrence, right through a wonderful safari with Raymond, to finally meeting young Richard the experience was… Read More
Luca Dalla Villa
Luca Dalla Villa The best Safari Ever We stayed with Expect in Africa Safari last Decembr. Everything was very good planned and Raymond, our guide, was simply gorgeous. Some good things which made the difference: Raymond, the best guide ever: expert and very… Read More
Cheryl Widdifield – Canada. “ I really enjoyed my trip to Africa, with Expect In Africa Safari. The safari guide was very knowledgeable about culture, as well as African flara and fauna. It was never a problem to adopt what the team desired to… Read More
Meagan Bradham-Canada
Meagan Bradham-Canada “ Expect in Africa Safari exceeded my expectations. Our driver was Raymond. Raymond was extremely knowledgeable, he had an answer for every question we had. He was able to use his knowledge of birds and animals to locate every animal… Read More