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Photo Safari Dry Season | 10 Days

Photo Safaris

The itinerary has been setup to maximize our time in the field creating images under the best circumstances possible. A long lens is not necessary the lens, uses Nikon’s 80-400mm most often in Expect in Africa Safari clients.Serengeti National Park...

19.11.29-Leopard In Serengeti.jpg

Tanzania Wildlife Photography Safari | 13 Days

Photo Safaris

Tanzania Photography Safari can be full of unique experience for photographers of all ages and capabilities. Whether you are a beginner learning the basics or a professional trying to get to the next level, we can work with you to plan your dream pho...


Photo Safari-Green Season Ndutu | 10 Days

Photo Safaris

If you are considering a photography tour in Tanzania, you will be either looking to photograph the Wildebeest Migration on the southern plains of the Serengeti in Jan to March (where the grass is green, no dust and plenty of contrast) This makes fo...