Cj & Edna Safari

Does Not Get Better Than This

We were looking for a safari experience with just my wife and I. As a photographer I did not want to be in a vehicle with lots of people as I do not like to rush from place to place. After researching a number of outfits, we settled on Expect In Africa Safari run by Lawrence T. and his brothers. Raymond was our guide, driver, and expert on the flora and fauna. Our trip was about 12 days in the bush. Raymond was an excellent, knowledgeable guide as well as a great companion. I have some health issues (COPD) and on the 4th night we moved into an area where they were burning grass everywhere. On my second night I could not sleep and was worried I would not be able to continue on the trip. But Raymond and Lawrence came to the rescue – they rearranged the entire rest of the trip, got us out of the burn area, and I never had another problem for the rest of the trip. The food, surprisingly, across the board was great. We stayed in two tent camps and four resort type lodges and had no complaints at all – service was great, food and accommodations were more than we expected. As a photographer, I got more than what I wanted except for the Black Rhino, which we saw way out on the grassland and my 600mm lens with a 1.4 xtender still only had a dot on the horizon. However, I have ultra sharp images of Lions, a few Leopards who tend to be very secretive, and lots of Cheetahs, along with monkeys, baboons, tons of exotic birds, gazelles, etc. etc. etc. It will take me a moth to weed out the out-takes and out of focus stuff and narrow it down to the best images.

Raymond not only knew how to find what we wanted to see but he knew we might want to spend more time when we needed to get the right photographs or to just sit and watch and enjoy and he never rushed us!! He arranged for picnic lunches so we would not have to waste time going back to the lodge for lunch and then going out again later. Most of the trip we spent the whole day in the bush. The Safari vehicle had a roll away top which let me get up high for many of the shots. We had a cooler in the vehicle with drinks, snacks etc.

If it sounds like we were over the top with these Safari guys you are correct. That they could change our entire itinerary on the fly without interruption of our experience and get me out of the smoke area was more than we could have expected. Sooooo, if you really want a unique type experience with a trip custom made for your needs, please do contact these guys – and I can tell you they will set it up for your needs and, if necessary, adjust things along the way. You will definitely eat well every day, and you will see some amazing animals and scenery!

Having dealt with other trip arrangers, when we do go back these are the guys I will call to arrange our trip and take us to see the things we want to see. If you want to get more info on our trip contact me on Facebook – CJ Elfont – I am the only one so you should not have trouble contacting me.