Nature and Wildlife Safaris

Tanzania Safari offers world-class wildlife, beautiful landscapes and some of the continent’s best safari lodges.Expect In Africa Safari can arrange safaris to all the best parks in Tanzania; whether it be in rustic, authentic and charming tented camps or head-over-heels luxury safari lodges in the wilderness.

Their expertise, passion and commitment will enable our guests to explore the off-the-beaten path and witness thrilling game drives in an exclusive setting and enjoy your safari with no mileage or fuel restriction. Escape the beaten path and enjoy your entire day -dawn to dusk- exploring new and exciting adventures.

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Best Seasons:Jun, July, Aug, Sept and Dec
Popular Location:Tanzania,Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda

Best Safari Packages

    7 Days-Kenya Classic Safari

    7 Days

    The Mara, as it is affectionately called, Enjoy the land scarp of millions of wildebeest and zebra crossing a crocodile infested river on their great migration through the Savannah.

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