Rural Life and Culture Experience

Volunteers are needed in day care centers, special needs schools, and kindergarten classrooms. You will assist local staff and help with basic lessons, educational games, and general care.

The teaching English volunteer program is a great opportunity for volunteers looking for international work experience in education sector. Under this project volunteers are placed in different schools, nursery, primary or secondary to teach English to the local students,Whilst on your placement you will work with the local Kindergarten and Primary schools in Dar es Salaam will include teaching English and potentially other subjects, depending on need and experience. You will usually have your own class for English lessons and may also be required to assist other teachers in class as well, the schools under this project lack the basic infrastructure and curriculum structure.

All these schools are in need of good educators who can also take care of the children. English and Maths are two subjects that schools have challenges in, since English is not always spoken by teachers. The classrooms are big and facilities are basic.

You can make a change here by supporting the schools and its principals, not only by offering assistance in teaching English but also to offer sports and games after school hours and make this an important time in these children’s lives!

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Best Seasons:Jan,Feb,Apr,July,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov
Popular Location:Arusha,Dar es Salaam,Zanzibar

Community Experiences