Volcanoes National Park is the Rwanda Gorilla Safaris Destination. This 160km² national park protects the Rwandan sector of the Virunga Mountains, range of six extinct and three active volcanoes which straddles the borders with Uganda and the DRC. The Volcanoes Park is part of a contiguous 433km² Trans frontier conservation unit that also includes the Virungas National Park and Mgahinga National Park, which protects the DRC and Ugandan sectors of the Virungas respectively. The three national parks are managed separately today ( that is if the word “managed can be applied to any park in the DRC at the time of writing). Prior to 1960, however, the Volcanoes and Virungas Parks together formed the Albert National Park.
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Best Season:Jan,Feb,Ju,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec
Popular Location: Volcanoes National Park,Nyungwe National Park

Home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys