Experience and tips on how to travel around this region, see animals, and not spend a ton of money! Ever dream of seeing an elephant trumpeting its trunk, a lion licking its lips, or a cheetah sprinting through the grasslands? An African safari is a thrilling chance to see wild animals going about their daily lives in their natural habitat. East Africa (Tanzania) has a huge variety of national parks that offer adventurous opportunities to see wildlife up close.

Tanzania camping opportunities, it’s best to take a look at this accommodations list for national parks. Campsites are available at select game parks and are best booked in advance. Camping is permitted in Selous Game Reserve at two designated areas: Beho Beho Bridge and Lake Tangalala. Personal camping costs $20 per night per person and must be arranged either in Dar Es Salaam city center before going to the park, or at Matambwe or Mtemere entry stations at the Selous reserve. Alternatively, you can email us directly for specific instructions. Prices are $20–30 per person per night.

National park entrance fees

Fee for national parks are charged by the day. Some of the smaller parks, like Mikumi (Tanzania) at $30 per day, are less expensive options. Other more famous parks like Maasai Mara (Kenya), Serengeti (Tanzania), or Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania), can cost upwards of $60 per day, depending on whether it’s high or low season. If you’re driving your own vehicle, there are separate vehicle charges as well, often at $30–40 per day.

The time of year matters

Dry season (June–October) is usually the best time of the year to see wildlife, but it’s also the most expensive and busiest time of year. You need to decide what works best for your schedule and your money. If you can, consider going on a safari just before high season kicks in.

Good guides go a long way

Your safari guide will attempt to show you the East African Big 5: lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, and rhinos. However, there are many other big-ticket animals that are amazing to see, including cheetahs, hyenas, hippos, giraffes, jackals, crocodiles, and scores of antelope and gazelle.